As the world is turning fast forward into a society without cash, Kentkart and BKM (Interbank Card Center) actualized an application in Turkey that is bound to be a model for many countries. The Çanakkale Transportation Project which is also supported by the Municipality of Çanakkale provides an easy journey for both the inhabitants of Çanakkale and about 2.5 million domestic and international visitors to the city. The project allows payments on all municipal buses and other privately owned public transportation vehicles to be made by contactless credit cards, bank cards, prepaid cards, or mobile phones with NFC. The tariff for domestic Kentkart users applies as well for those paying with contactless bank cards.

“Kentkart: always the pioneer”

in the press conference held in Çanakkale, Kentkart Vice President Ahmet Emir Basmacı said that Kentkart actualized the firsts in the ITS sector since 17 years with its software and technological infrastructure. He emphasized the fact that technology and software are inseparable as a whole. He also expressed that as Kentkart, they were happy to exist in the transportation system of Çanakkale with an innovative approach since 10 years. “Today in Çanakkale, we are witnessing the integration of software technologies into transportation through contactless cards. As of now, electronic fare collection system is successfully applied on a total of 115 vehicles within the city. We are proud of our role in bringing our cities to this level. We are carrying out similar projects in 35 cities and 10 countries including Turkey, and we are happy to make life for passengers and public transport operators easier with intelligent systems. Recently in London, we were given “2015 European Award for Product Line Strategy Leadership”. Kentkart will continue on with its highly appreciated innovative work.”