Utilizing its progressive R&D Department, Kentkart has always played a pioneering role in creating state of the art technology. Its latest product called “Mobilkentkart” is an application developed for NFC enabled smart phones, and it is put into effect in the city of Manisa. The application opens a new era whereby payments on public transport vehicles can be made using mobile phones for the first time in the world.

Mobilkentkart was launched with the following slogan: “Turn your smart phones into Kentkart!” The purpose of the application is to facilitate life for its users by allowing them to benefit from the advantages of intelligent mobile payment systems.

The Mayor of Manisa Mr. Cengiz Ergun, who attended the inauguration together with Kentkart authorities, came to Beyazfil Stop to try Mobilkenkart himself. Mr. Ergun emphasized the importance of the application being started from Manisa for the first time. He expressed that the city is growing, and the project should be continued successfully.

While talking about the subject during the inauguration ceremonies, Kentkart Business Development Director Ms Meziyet Akbay noted once more that Mobilkentkart, a newly developed product by Kentkart, is an Intelligent Mobile Payment instrument to be used for the first time in the world in public transportation.

With Mobilkentkart, you can turn your NFC enabled smart phones having Android operating system of version 4.4.2 or over into kentkart. For this, you only need to download the mobile application over Google play and then, go to “Buy NFC card” process. Your credit card information is taken while downloading and the first 20 Lira recharging is done for a 5 Lira fee deducted from your credit card. Whenever your balance comes below 10 Lira, it is automatically topped up to 20 Lira through your credit card. Therefore there is no need for cash or for time to spend in order to recharge, and no need to worry about an insufficient balance problem. Besides automatic recharging, Mobilkentkart allows you to check details of usage and obtain information about lines and stops.


Mobilkentkart is user friendly. You may walk in as soon as the validator on the vehicle reads your Mobilkentkart downloaded smart phone. If your Mobilkentkart is valid, the validator allows passage, and the calculated fare is deducted from your balance. Even in case your smart phone is not connected to the internet, you may board as long as your phone is on. When your internet connection is restarted, your boarding details are updated automatically. It is not necessary for the application to be open in order for you to board.