Another complementary solution from kentkart has been adopted in Gaziantep. The Atıkmatik Recycling Automat Application which enables recycling of metal, plastic and glass wastes will also be used for loading cash to Gaziantepkart due to this solution. Using the automats serving in two points in the city center which are Balıklı and the front of Gaziantep University (GAÜN), Gaziantep inhabitants are now able to load cash to Gaziantepkart for each waste material brought for recycling.

Atıkmatik started to give this service with the first loading done by Mrs. Emine Erdoğan. Mrs. Erdoğan added cash to Gaziantepkart given in her name using Atıkmatik integrated with the kentkart complementary solution. People can spend their Gaziantepkart balance acquired through recycling of metal, plastic and glass wastes while boarding on all public transport vehicles equipped with the kentkart system and also while bicycle renting, entry to car parking and other places such as museums or zoos.

Accompanying Mrs. Emine Erdoğan, Mrs. Fatma Şahin, the Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Mayor; Mr. Sezer Cihan, the General Secretary; and Mr. Recep Tokat, Gaziulaş General Manager have all attended the launching of the programme besides people in Gaziantep