Environmental Policy

The goal of kentkart which operates in the field of smartcards is to preserve the nature by minimizing the negative effects of all its products and processes on the environment for a cleaner and habitable world.

In order to attain this goal, kentkart undertakes to:

  • apply, control, perpetually improve and continue the environmental management system; adhere to the approved international legal regulations and to the national laws/legislations and other obligations concerning the environment,
  • follow technological developments to avoid environmental pollution,
  • decrease waste at its source; recycle as much as possible; dispose of waste not suitable for recycling or have it disposed without endangering the environment,
  • decrease the use of natural resources by continuously improving environmental performance,
  • declare and disclose our Environmental Policy to all customers, suppliers, employees, and concerned parties and contribute to the formation of environmental consciousness on the part of the concerned,
  • conduct periodical reviews in order to attain environmental goals.