Human Resources

kentkart approach to human resources is founded on “respect to people” and “power of communication”.

In human resources applications, kentkart aims “to keep its powerful and qualified team -with whom the company advances toward its vision, mission and strategies- highly motivated; to plan their development, future and expectations; and to provide an efficient management focused on growing together.

Having our colleagues work happily in a peaceful and pleasant atmosphere without worrying for the future forms an important part of our viewpoint regarding human resources. The personnel turnover since the establishment of kentkart being low is a clear sign of employee loyalty and satisfaction.

kentkart cares for the personal development of its team in view of the philosophy of “continuous education and development”. In this context, the company offers opportunities for training and self- development in order to do the job right and be the best. All our team members get the opportunity to develop and display their performances and abilities in the best possible way with our special technical and personal development programs.