Open Loop Payment Systems

Elektronik Ücret Toplama Sistemi

Open-Loop Payment Systems give passengers the opportunity to pay with their own present credit card, bank card, pre-paid transport card, mobile device or any other payment instrument. Because of this, passengers do not have to carry a special card for public transportation. The system allows for the fare to be calculated on the side of the host following the journey and supports flat, distance based, intermodal, concessionary etc. faring models. Data pertaining to journey and faring models are collected and processed on a central host to finalize calculation. The result is a safer and faster fare calculation. Additionally, loyalty programs and other motivating applications are used to provide more flexibility in public transport payments. Customers are not worried about carrying cash, having contactless smartcard, ticket or an account. Transactions performed on public transport vehicles do not require internet connection. The system can work offline.

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