Mobile Applications

kentkart smart solutions that facilitate the life of public transportation passengers expand with the addition of Mobile Passenger Information and Mobile Payment applications.

Mobile Passenger Information application allows passengers to learn by looking at digital maps, while sitting at home, in the office or while waiting at the bus stop, the location of buses and stops, which routes and buses are passing from which stops and at what time. They can also see departure times of the buses they want to board on the application. Additionally, “from where to where”, “route tracking” and favorite stations” applications ensure passenger comfort at the highest level.

Passengers can easily recharge their kentkarts using the application. Therefore, they do not need to look for a kiosk or experience an insufficient balance problem. Recharging can be performed at the desired place and time due to the “Online Recharge” feature of the application. First recharging and then withdrawing processes are completed at the same card reading interval on all public transport vehicles for kentkarts identified with online balance.

Mobile Payment application can work on all Near Field Communication (NFC) enabled smartphones. kentkart mobile application can be downloaded free of charge from all Android markets and can be activated safely upon purchasing a virtual card by using a credit card. Hence, passengers can start taking advantage of public transportation with their NFC enabled smartphones.

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