Indoor and Outdoor Parking Solutions

kentkart Indoor and Outdoor Parking Solutions offer flexible and secure solutions for ticketing of motorized vehicles.

Today, local administrations are responsible for developing numerous infrastructures and systems to respond to the various needs of the city.  It is a necessity to prefer fast and easy fare collection methods for ticketing of areas like coach stations, open and closed auto parks.  kentkart Indoor and Outdoor Parking Solutions embody the main functions covering ticketing as well as control and administration, hence, aiming to offer the most practical and convenient method to administrators and users.

The system generates interfaces, reports and management consoles for the administration and the users by interpreting through central software the information coming from a number of smart data collection units such as vehicle entrance/exit and direction sensors, automatic license plate detection cameras, ground sensors detecting the existence of free parking areas. It also allows the user to pay with a public transport/city card, mobile application, SMS or by way of registration besides cash or credit card.

Other features include the following:

  • Practical controlling feature easily detects vehicles not ticketed to apply a fine if needed
  • Informs users of free parking spaces
  • Matches closed space entrances and exits with vehicle photo, license plate and fare information; enables tracing of the past activities in relation to license plate, card/registration number and receiving many different reports.