Card Transactions Are Much Easier Now

Your transportation becomes easier with passenger information displays that have powerful infrastructures, contactless features and are user-friendly and show informative maps.

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Successful User Experience

User experience with screens tested and proved more successful

Text and colors easy to read and see

A family of colors providing clear vision in every environment and easy to read fonts enabling displays to be used while moving

Smart Notifications

Navigating the user with notifications on the screen

Usable on iPad and Android Tablets

iPad and android tablet interfaces

Facilitated “Favorites” Space Use

Widgets that can easily be added and that can show necessary information open on the main screen of the application

Improved Payment Systems

New payment systems like credit card and PayPal

Easy and Fast Use

The firsts are coming alive in Turkey with kentkart mobile, the name of facilities in transportation. Passenger information displays that have powerful infrastructures, contactless features and that are user-friendly, and show informative maps facilitate your transportation.

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Facilitated Card Transactions

You can easily learn the card balance and load your card through the application whenever you want without searching a kiosk.

Learn the Location of Buses and Stops

You may learn the location of buses and stops and which bus will pass from which stop and at what time on maps with kentkart mobile application without leaving your home or office or while standing at the stop.

In addition, you may see the departing times of the bus you want to board via the application.

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Turn Your Smartphone into kentkart

You may use your smartphone as kentkart with the help of kentkart mobile application tailored for your city, and load onto your kentkart from your credit card.

Clicking on the “Buy mobilekentkart” button on the kentkart mobile application downloaded to your NFC enabled smartphone, you can buy a virtual card just by going through a few steps and then, use your smartphone in transportation without needing your kentkart.

Load from Your Phone without Going to a Recharge Point

You may easily load onto your kentkart using the application. Hence, you do not need to search a kiosk or face an insufficient balance problem.

“Internet Recharge” feature allows you to load your kentkart at the desired time and place by using different payment choices.

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Instantly View Your Cards and Stops on Your Phone

You may add your frequently used cards and stops where you board to your favorites list so as not to lose time.

Easily Access to Your Card Balance and Other Transactions from Your Smart Watch

You may easily access to your card balance and other transactions through your smart watch.

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Technology Exists for Everybody

Our visually disabled users also experience the ease of use with the addition of audio warning system to the interfaces.