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Turnstile Validator

The elegantly designed kentkart Turnstile Validator with tempered glass-protected screen and smart card technology helps public transport operators collect their revenues. Being the key element of kentkart’s fare collection system, it allows the application of various types of fare structures (regional, time, or distance-based). Its various connection alternatives such as GPIO and serial port ensure easy integration to already installed turnstiles.


For all its data collection, recording, and transmission, kentkart Turnstile Validator uses the latest security standards (RSA, 3DES, AES). The device also accepts all contactless cards that support ISO 14443 A/B standards. High-quality LCD panel and audio speakers allow our validator to show various notifications and warnings. Thanks to the ethernet connection interface, the usage information is regularly shared with the center.


So, please do not hesitate to turn your belief in kentkart into investments and investments to success. Contact us to become our new partner.