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Automatic Vehicle Management System

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Automatic Vehicle
Management System

kentkart has successfully integrated its Automated Fare Collection and Automatic Vehicle Management Systems in a single device. The real-time automatic vehicle management system turned out to be a vital product for public transport operators.

The real-time data received from the satellite link is transmitted to the main operation center at specified time intervals on this system. Vehicle location, speed, and mileage covered can be identified based on the data. Tracking of vehicles can be done simultaneously. Hence, driver violations and faults are easily detected and passenger complaints are considerably minimized.

With its Automatic Vehicle Management System, kentkart provides different integrated functions such as CANBus, On-board Video Surveillance System (OVSS), Automatic Passenger Counter System, and Automated Fare Collection System.

Benefits of the Automatic Vehicle Management System

Real-Time and Offline Vehicle Tracking System

Management of Route, Trip, Driver and Region (Geofence)

Alarm and Report Management

Fleet Health Monitoring System

Fleet Health Monitoring System is an intuitive online platform that generates and presents alarms and statuses of vehicle telemetry, including real-time and past recorded data monitoring. Vehicle telemetry data, such as engine speed, coolant temperature, vehicle speed, etc., are the parameters that are generated and used by CAN (Controller Area Network) systems.

Modern public transportation vehicles all have CAN communication systems that include lots of telemetry data that circulates through a special CAN cabling called CANbus.