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Our Mission

To raise the bar for success in the industry with high-quality, innovative solutions in the areas of intelligent transportation systems such as electronic payment, public transportation management, on-board monitoring, and passenger information systems.

Our Vision

To be among the world’s most well-known companies in our field of expertise with the technologies we produce.

Our Memberships


One of the important goals of modern technologies that facilitate daily life is the development and popularization of urban transportation. Established in 1998 to carry out this goal, kentkart produces intelligent transportation systems, hardware, and software consistent with city-specific and international standards with the precision of a skilled tailor.


kentkart’s mission is to improve public transportation by developing modern, fast, punctual, easy, and secure information technologies and systems that meet the needs of public transport operators and make journeys pleasant for passengers. With its Electronic Fare Collection, Vehicle Tracking, Real-Time Passenger Information, Planning, and On-Board Camera Security systems, kentkart not only ensures error-free, punctual, and sustainable public transportation but also helps companies to increase their passenger service quality and profitability.

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kentkart operates its reliable systems that can respond to the changing and developing daily needs of public transportation companies 24 hours 7 days a week on behalf of public transportation administrations. Our passenger information system alongside credit card, smart card, NFC, and QR code payment options helps passengers to easily travel by buses, metro, trains, trams, trolleybuses, and ferries.


With the Financial Management Services it offers, kentkart perfectly organizes the income distribution between the main and affiliated businesses. All payments, which are made with contactless smart cards and involve no cash, are transferred electronically to the accounts of public transportation companies on a daily basis.


With its widespread dealer network and ticket vending machines, kentkart helps cities to provide transportation services anytime, anywhere.

''kentkart’s objectives, which will promote our advancement, are to pioneer the public transportation sector and to revolutionize it, to contribute to the future of our country and company with our technology-oriented domestic and foreign investments, and to become the world's leading brand. I wholeheartedly believe that the power of imagination is our brightest guiding light on this adventurous journey.''

Mazhar Umur Basmacı

Chairman of the Board

One of the primary duties of kentkart is contributing to sustainable transportation. kentkart has demonstrated its determination in this matter by earning the right to become a “Member of Sustainable Transport” with the declaration signed at the Dubai UITP World Congress (2011).


kentkart sets even higher goals and targets by carrying out multiple international projects with the support of young academics and researchers and its R&D investments.