Transforming Transit Payments for Tomorrow

Our Account-Based Ticketing (ABT) system transforms the way fares are collected across transportation networks, enhancing convenience for passengers and operational efficiency for service providers.

Accountable for Every Trip

ABT uses secure, cloud-based technology to manage and store all transaction details, making mobility faster, easier, and more accessible.

Flexibile Fare Payments

Passengers can use a variety of payment methods that ensure ultimate convenience.

Real-Time Data Management

Fare transaction insights enable more dynamic service management and planning.

Easy Integration

Seamless integration with existing infrastructure reduces deployment time and costs.

Enhanced Security

PCI DSS Compliance ensures financial data is safeguarded at the highest level.

Discover What Freedom of Payment Means

ABT is all about a more flexible transport system and passengers who have many payment options to choose from.

Smart Card

Credit Card

Debit Card

Apple Pay – Google Pay

QR Code

Smart Ticket

Create Mobility Open for


Thanks to our ABT, passengers with discount rights now can enjoy their concession fares even when paying with contactless credit and debit cards.

 Access and Inclusivity

Reduced fares encourage communities to use public transport more.

Fare Management

Authorities can swiftly deploy fares and generate revenue more effectively.


Concession EMVs eliminate the need for issuing new plastic transport cards.

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Account-Based Ticketing


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