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Configuration Management Policy

This policy establishes kentkart Configuration Management. Our organization, which operates in the smart public transportation sector, aims to achieve the following objectives in all product life cycle processes of products and product items, in accordance with our configuration policy.

  •     To assist in documenting, authorize and manage configurations that affect the product and its items throughout the product lifecycle.
  •     To develop, document, and maintain the current base configuration of product and product items.
  •     To analyze, evaluate, approve changes proposal prior to change implementation.
  •     To update and review base configuration items according to environment changes and to comply with specifications.
  •     To achieve maximum level of customer satisfaction.
  •     To strictly control and audit functional / physical configurations in accordance with documented processes to determine whether a Product conforms to its requirements and Product configuration information.
  •     To improve the effectiveness of the Management System continuously.
To ensure the compatibility of related hardware and software with EMV requirements.

Establishing and reviewing configuration objectives are detailed within Configuration Management Procedure, Design and Development Process, Product Management Procedure. All relevant documents are released and distributed through the Official
kentkart Documentation System.

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