Smart Stop LCD Panel

kentkart Smart Stop Passenger Information System brings together a full HD LCD panel and a customized operating system to give passengers the most intuitive and convenient travel solution. Its permanent GPRS (3G 4G LTE) connection allows the device to collect data from various sources (line and stop information, weather forecast, news, etc.) and display it in real-time.


kentkart Smart Stop Panel has high-quality video and audio characteristics that provide multimedia support and help passengers to track approaching buses both visually and auditorily.


Thanks to its easily updated software, kentkart Smart Stop Passenger Information Panel is an effective advertising tool for public transport enterprises. Rotating and static banners, moving message signs, and video ads can be featured in the desired time intervals.


So, please do not hesitate to turn your belief in kentkart into investments and investments to success. Contact us to become our new partner.

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On-Board LCD Screen

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On-Board LCD Screen


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