Smart Stop Led Panel

A reliable passenger information system is an indispensable part of a comfortable public transportation system. kentkart offers easy-to-understand real-time Smart Stop LED Passenger Information Panels for stops and other vehicle departure points.


Our Smart Stop Passenger Information Panels can be used to display a wide range of messages including bus service number, destination, next stop, estimated time of arrival, schedule changes, current time, and weather conditions; all of the messages can be adjusted to satisfy any individual or organizational requirement.


Thanks to its GPRS connection, kentkart Smart Stop Passenger Information Panels communicate with the transport control center. This provides an opportunity to remotely update on-screen information on request in a quick and safe manner.


So, please do not hesitate to turn your belief in kentkart into investments and investments to success. Contact us to become our new partner.

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Smart Stop Led Panel

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Smart Stop Led Panel


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