How QR Ticketing and Mobile Applications Save Our Planet

Humanity has always been driven by a curiosity to explore and discover new places. Historically, this drive was often motivated by the need for food, hunting grounds, agricultural land, or favorable climates. The migration of tribes, which even impacted climate patterns, is a prime example. Today, we continue this daily migration, moving between home and work, visiting malls, banks, and spending time with relatives and friends.

The Role of Public Transportation

Our daily mobility and the various transportation methods we use significantly impact both climate and society. Public transport is one of the most popular means of transportation, underscoring the importance of effective management. Governments worldwide are committed to enhancing public transportation due to the increasing global population and resource shortages. Innovations in vehicles and fare collection systems, such as QR ticketing and mobile applications, greatly improve the efficiency of public transportation while significantly reducing its ecological footprint. Electric buses and rail systems are examples of vehicle-specific advancements.

kentkart’s QR Ticketing and Mobile Application

Kentkart, with its sustainable and eco-friendly approach, has made significant strides in fare collection. Our latest technologies, including QR ticketing and mobile applications, drastically reduce the use of plastic in ticket production, allowing for more efficient resource utilization. What prompted this enhancement in our fare collection system? To understand this, we need to examine the current fare collection methods.

How Disposable Tickets and Plastic Cards Harm Our Environment

Unlike QR tickets, the disposable tickets and plastic cards currently used in most systems are expensive and require substantial raw materials. Disposable tickets include an inlay with a chip and antenna, covered by double-sided paper and a protective film. Plastic smart cards have an inlay consisting of a chip and antenna, covered with petroleum-derived PVC material and a protective film. Additionally, the production of these items involves dyes for printing and machines that generate heat and pressure to assemble the layers. These processes increase carbon emissions and raw material usage.

The Benefits of QR Ticketing and Mobile Applications

The benefits of QR ticketing and mobile applications are vast. By eliminating the need for paper and plastic materials, they present an effective alternative amidst the global chip supply shortage.


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