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kentkart Passenger Information System shares real-time information with passengers via On-Board and Smart Stop Passenger LCD screens and LED panels. Apart from that, passengers can use our Mobile Application to get the latest information. This service has become possible thanks to kentkart's smart integration of automated fare collection and automatic vehicle management systems.

Benefits of the Passenger Information System

Route Information

Bus Stop Information

Trip Planner

Real-Time Bus Location

Smart Card Charging Points Location

The On-Board Passenger Information System provides passengers with verbal and visual information about bus stops and routes, all displayed on an intuitive digital map. The Smart Stop Passenger Information System, on the other hand, shows information about the approaching vehicles on panels placed at the stops. Passengers can also download kentkart Mobile application available on iPhones and Android phones. It allows passengers to check the departure and arrival times, the number of on-board passengers, types of vehicles, and the location of bus stops.