Achievements and Rewards

  • 2019

    Kentkart, completed 2019 by realizing many new international projects. Our first enterprises in Lutsk-Ukraine and in Sarajevo-Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the second enterprises in Amman and Serbia allow us to enjoy the well-earned pride of giving service to these cities and their residents. As a producing and developing firm which has already accomplished 20 years in its sector, Kentkart continues to grow by unceasingly renewing itself.

  • 2018

    Kentkart, enjoyed once again the honour of having its name among the first 500 Exporting Companies of Turkey. In addition, the City of Doha has been introduced with QR Code Technology.

  • 2017

    In 2017, in addition to accomplishing new projects both domestic and international, we created under the umbrella of Kentkart the trademark of KentMobil to hold product groups of domestically produced NVR, Camera and Vehicle Management systems. It was launched during the “8th Ankara Highway Traffic Safety Fair” where our stand was praised by the visits of our Honourable Prime Minister and Distinguished Ministers.The Medina Project was our first undertaking in Saudi Arabia. Following the inauguration ceremony, Prince Faisal Bin Salman gave Riyadh and Jeddah projects directly to Kentkart, thereby prizing our tremendous success in this Project.

    kentkart, included Zonguldak-Alaplı among its domestic reference points in 2017. The “Automated Fare Collection, Automated Vehicle Management” and “On-Board Video Surveillance” systems are continuing to operate successfully.

    We introduced Kansas City in America also with Kentkart Technologies through “Kentkart Mobile Ticketing Application”, one of the best examples of QR Ticketing technology on the world developed by us. Thanks to our application, passengers started buying tickets, planning their journey, displaying stop and vehicle information, and benefiting easily from the opportunities the City offers with the “Sights to See” feature by using their smartphones.

    We accomplished the Gaziantep Intelligent Transportation Systems in the City of Gaziantep. People in this city can also use the public transportation network with all contactless credit cards, contactless bank cards or NFC compatible cards.

    And finally, again in 2017, we proudly had our name Kentkart written among Turkey’s 500 Companies with the Largest Export Capacity in connection to the evaluation of the Turkish Exporters Assembly according to 2016 data.

  • 2016

    kentkart became the first in the category of “Transport and Ticket” with the “Open Loop NFC Mobile Payment” Project in the “Contactless and Mobile Awards” contest organized for the tenth time in London, and at the same time, took its place among the top three in the “Best Industry Supplier” category.

    kentkart , included Kırklareli among its domestic reference points in 2016. The “Automated Vehicle Management” and “On-Board Video Surveillance” systems are continuing to operate successfully.

  • 2015

    Luleburgaz and Kastamonu became the latest cities using kentkart applications in Turkey.

    Islamabad became the second city in Pakistan to start intelligent transport systems with kentkart.

    Azerbaijan- Baku is included among international reference points for kentkart.

    kentkart is recognized with 2015 European Frost & Sullivan Award for Smart Systems in Transportation Product Line Strategy Leadership.

    kentkart became the first Turkish company with 100% domestic capital to be chosen to the board of directors of EURIPIDES to represent Turkey.

  • 2014

    BodrumFethiye and Niğde intelligent transportation systems are installed by kentkart.

    Szekesfeher Intelligent Transportation System, our third project to be realized in Hungary, is installed.

  • 2013

    Zonguldak Karadeniz Ereğli intelligent transportation system is installed by kentkart.

    Lahore, our first project in Pakistan, is commissioned.

  • 2012

    kentkart took place among the first 10 companies that reached the highest export figures in the category of consumer electronics in 2012.

    Science and Technology General Directorate of the Science, Industry and Technology Ministry of the Turkish Republic certified Kentkart Ege Electronics Inc. as R&D Center.

    kentkart became finalist in the SESAMES awards organized in Paris every year.

    Pakistan-Lahore intelligent transportation systems project as well as projects for two different systems in Borsod and Vertes of Hungary are undertaken by kentkart.

    Manisa kentkart, Burdur kentkartMersin kentkartAntakya kentkart and Alanya kentkart intelligent transportation systems are installed.

    Karadeniz Ereğli kentkart intelligent transportation system project is undertaken by kentkart.

  • 2011

    Serbia-Belgrad intelligent transportation system is installed.

    kentkart earned the right to be “A Member of Sustainable Public Transport” in the UITP World Congress held in Dubai for its contributions to public transportation.

    As another first application in Turkey, kentkart enabled smartcards used in public transportation to be available also for little amounts of payments in shopping etc., thus starting the KentClub Project.

    For the first time in the world, kentkart installed the On-Board Camera System which works integrated with the Automated Fare Collection System.

  • 2010

    Isparta kentkart and İnegöl kentkart intelligent transportation systems are installed.

    kentkart became finalist with the application Infinite kentkart in the SESAMES awards.

  • 2009

    Along with completing projects in Edirne and Yozgat, kentkart continued growing internationally and installed the intelligent systems in Poland-Tczew and Qatar-Doha.

  • 2008

    kentkart started the Muğla Project and carried its activities to the international markets.

    Macedonia-SkopjeSyria-Aleppo and Jordan- Amman kentkart intelligent transportation systems are installed.

    kentkart started to implement Real Time Passenger Information Systems of its own production.

  • 2007

    Sivas kentkart intelligent transportation system project is started by kentkart.

    kentkart became finalist in the SESAMES Awards with its “Transportation with Banking Cards” application.

    kentkart started the “Transportation with Banking Cards and Credit Cards” application in Kocaeli; a first in the world.

  • 2006

    Kocaeli kentkartÇanakkale kentkart and Bandırma kentkart intelligent transportation systems projects are started.

  • 2005

    Adana kentkart intelligent transportation system project is started.

    kentkart became the first on the world to actualize the integration of Automated Fare Collection and Vehicle Tracking Systems in a single validator and obtained international patent rights for that.

  • 2004

    Manisa kentkart intelligent transportation system project is started.

  • 2000

    kentkart won the Best Transportation Application award at SESAMES held in Paris every year.

  • 1999

    İzmir kentkart intelligent transportation system is installed as the first project of kentkart.

    kentkart became a member of the International Association of Public Transport (UITP).

  • 1998

    kentkart started developing Automated Fare Collection Systems with smartcards in the public transportation sector.