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Operational and Technical Support

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Operational and Technical Support

kentkart’s Automated Fare Collection, Vehicle Tracking, Real-Time Passenger Information, Planning, and On-Board Camera Systems have helped public transportation to become more accurate, transparent, and sustainable. With these systems, public transportation management can increase service quality and profitability.

kentkart also undertakes the operation of the systems on behalf of public transportation management and provides 24/7 uninterrupted service. Different payment methods (smart card, NFC, Mobile Ticketing, credit card, etc.) are available to passengers on all vehicles provided by administrations (bus, minibus, metro, train, tram, trolleybus, sea bus, etc.).

Benefits of Operational and Technical Support

24/7 Support

Financial Management Services

Uninterrupted Service

Our Financial Management Services are designed to ensure error-free money distribution among system stakeholders such as businesses and retailers. All payments made with contactless smart cards are transferred electronically to the accounts of public transport administrations on a daily basis and involve no cash.

Widespread dealer networks, card filling machines, and online filling services are at the service of passengers for uninterrupted public transportation. Our team of experts in the field ensures immediate replacement of products and systems in case of malfunction. kentkart, being a technology and product manufacturer, has a powerful advantage of offering continuous service and guarantees to its customers.