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Automated Fare
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Public transport aims to facilitate cities and people around the world. User-friendly public transport services should be easy and accessible for those living in cities, tourists, and day-trip visitors. People should be able to easily reach public transport, plan journeys, make payments easily, and travel comfortably and securely. Undoubtedly, one of the most important components of public transport is the Fare Collection System. Public transport users should be able to choose the most suitable payment method among different alternatives with the most affordable tariff.
Our reliable fare collection system is advantageous from many aspects, especially for administrators, who are another pillar of public transportation. kentkart provides reliable, safe, and convenient tariffs for municipalities or transportation cooperatives that help them to plan and control their services much better by reducing operational costs. The kentkart system also supports the integration with third-party systems.

kentkart Systems Allow Different Types of Media to Be Used

Single-Use Tickets

Smart Cards

Credit and Debit Cards


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Account-Based Ticketing (ABT)

The Account-Based Ticketing (ABT) payment method allows passengers to travel without old-fashioned paper tickets. In the Account-Based Ticketing model, the media is only an identifier and it is linked with an account at the back office. The ABT model also makes sure that passengers are paying the best fare for their journey.

The fare structure in the ABT model might be in different forms, such as flat fare, time-based, zonal-based, or distance-based. The media in ABT can be a smart card, EMV contactless credit or debit card, wearable smart gadgets, or a smartphone.