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All-in-One Device

What is kentkart‘s All-in-One Device?

As the name suggests, it is everything that transit operators need for providing a seamless, and most importantly smart, traveling experience for their passengers in one device! Thanks to the exceptional work of our brilliant R&D team, we are able to bring together our latest generation fare collection system, driver computer, and ticket printer.



What can our All-in-One Device help you to achieve?

• Accepting a wide range of payment methods – cash, paper tickets, smart cards, contactless bank cards, NFC, and QR codes;

• Printing tickets onboard (great for operators who still want to accept cash);

• Centralized control over all installed devices and systems;

• Real-time vehicle tracking: location, arrival, and departure time, driver behavior;

• Integration with CANBus interface: collection and sharing of all vehicle-related information;

• 4G LTE connection for sharing the vehicle and route data.