Social Responsibility

As Corporate Social Responsibility gains importance due to globalizing economy and challenging competition, it is becoming a matter of esteem management and an understanding of social duty for companies. kentkart and its employees have internalized a concept of solidarity towards the understanding that people need each other and carry responsibility for each other in the society we live in, and they are happy to experience that special feeling of wellbeing.

Being aware that performances in that direction do not arise from a sense of duty but are part of the support to people and organizations waiting for a helping hand, kentkart approaches social responsibility projects with an understanding that cares for people, likes to touch them, and stand close in their difficult times. It is one of our greatest wishes and desires to increase our support for the organizations we already work with: Çağdaş Eğitim Vakfı, Türgök (Türkiye Görme Özürlüler Kitaplığı), Bedensel Engelliler Derneği, BUVAK (Behçet Uz Çocuk Hastanesi Vakfı)