Automated Fare Collection System

Elektronik Ücret Toplama Sistemi

The way to minimize the effort and time spent in the traffic in order to adapt to the dynamics of modern city life passes through kentkart products. kentkart Automated Fare Collection System aims to increase the service quality of in-city public transportation with prepaid and contactless smartcards. By eliminating the use of cash, it helps public and private operators to provide a “fast, easy and safe transportation service”. kentkart offers a more economical transportation for the passengers and at the same time enables public transport companies to collect their income safely and perform its distribution on the electronic medium.

A primary benefit of the automated fare collection system is the availability of “measureable data and accessible information” which is one of the very important assets of today. Operators can receive custom designed reports daily. For example reports such as the following may be generated:

  • Riding passengers general report
  • Riding passengers per bus
  • Riding passengers per journey
  • Riding passengers per line
  • Riding passengers per station
  • Total income
  • Timely income
  • Kiosk credits report
  • Kiosk accounting report
  • Kiosk card sales report
  • Smartcards usage report
  • Smartcards recharge report
  • Smartcards control report
  • Credit card usage report
  • Transfer riding report
  • Payment systems distribution report
  • General riding commission distribution report
  • Payment systems recharge report
  • Data transaction control report
  • Journey inspection report
  • Bus performance report
  • Driver performance report
  • Auditor work report

By providing these special services, kentkart increases the efficiency and service quality of public transport operators and avoids revenue loss. Prepaid smartcards can be sold and recharged easily all over the city with a widespread kiosk network. In addition to that network, smartcards can be recharged on ticket vending machines or over the internet by logging on to “online service” page. kentkart keeps its goal of being a “world of facilities” for both passengers and operators with great care while enriching its technology in this context with new products each passing day.