Kentkart Technologies at the World Cup in Qatar 2022

Kentkart Technologies at the World Cup  in Qatar 2022

The FIFA World Cup was held in Qatar at the end of 2022. A total of 32 national teams from different continents were competing in the tournament, which caught the attention of millions of fans all over the globe. 

Football Heritage: from 1930 to Present 

International Association of Football Federation (FIFA) is the highest football authority. FIFA has 211 member countries and organizes the World Cup every four years. The very first tournament was held in 1930, with the latest cup in Qatar being its twenty-second. 

32 national teams compete in the tournament, with only the host country participating without any qualification. The host of the latest event (from 20 November to 18 December 2022) was Qatar. The world’s biggest football event brought together 1M+ people from all over the world. Therefore, public transport played a major role in moving fans around the city. 

Kentkart’s Doha Project 

Kentkart operates projects in 15 countries and 43 cities worldwide, providing smart mobility to more than 3.5 billion passengers annually. And Qatar with its city of Doha is among those projects. Together with our partner Mowasalat Qatar (the major transport service provider in Qatar), we provide a full scope of our Intelligent Transportation Systems. Kentkart technologies are installed on 800 buses that cover around 50 routes in total. For instance, our comprehensive solution includes Fare Collection, Vehicle Management, Hardware Monitoring, Stock Management, Passenger Information, and On-Board Video Surveillance Systems. Apart from that, thanks to our Mobile Ticketing Application, passengers of Doha can swiftly pay with QR codes for their bus rides. 

Hayya Card Integration with Kentkart’s Fare Collection for World Cup 

With its solutions deployed on more than 650 buses, Kentkart provided seamless transportation for approximately 900.000 people during the World Cup! We did it by integrating Hayya Card, which served both as an entry permit to Qatar and a ticket to all matches, with our fare collection. In conclusion, all football fans needed to do is show their Hayya Card ID from their smartphone screens to our QR validator and enjoy their free rides. All thanks to the integration. 


Take a look at our video to see how we successfully passed the football exam in Qatar!