The Hayya Card Integration

The Hayya Card Integration

A collaborative success story by Mowasalat and kentkart 

During the World’s biggest football tournament in Qatar in 2022, Mowasalat, the country’s primary transit operator, and kentkart collaborated to integrate the Hayya Card into the public transport fare system. This initiative allowed football fans from all over the World to attendees to travel freely on buses by scanning their QR-based football match tickets. The project enhanced the fan experience by providing a seamless, efficient transportation solution, reducing congestion, and improving venue accessibility. The project was later recognized for its contributions to smart mobility and received a prestigious 2024 Transport Ticketing Award in London. 


At the end of 2022, Doha, the capital city of Qatar, experienced an influx of football fans from all over the World. Over one million visitors traveled to Qatar to enjoy the World’s biggest football event in person, which presented a great challenge for local public transportation. To facilitate and encourage football fans to use public transport, the authorities introduced the Hayya Card.

What is Hayya Card?

Anyone visiting The State of Qatar between November 1st, 2022, and December 23rd, 2022, had to have an approved Hayya Card prior to entry. The QR-based card served as an entry permit into Qatar and a fan identification during the tournament. 

Hayya Card Provided:

·      Entry permit to the State of Qatar during tournament time.

·      Free travel on public transport from 10 November to 23 December.

·      Stadium access and ticket sales.

·   Other benefits like fan experiences and information on events, venues and landmarks.

Our Solution

Mowasalat and kentkart collaborated to integrate the Hayya Card into the public transport fare system and enable the acceptance of QR-based football tickets generated in the Hayya Card application on all Doha buses. kentkart then incorporated the QR codes generated by the Hayya Card app into the fare collection system, enabling fans to travel for free. 

This flexibility in integrating third-party applications offers many possibilities for transit operators worldwide. It allows for customized solutions tailored to specific events, potentially increasing ridership, improving customer satisfaction, and positioning Mowasalat as a versatile and responsive transit provider in the face of diverse event requirements.

Powered by Account-Based Ticketing: Thanks to ABT, the integration of the Hayya Card with the fare collection system was executed remotely in a short period without requiring any additional steps from the operator or passengers. This seamless process allowed fans to simply scan their football tickets to access free travel services, demonstrating a user-friendly and innovative approach to public transportation during significant events.

Promising Third-Party Integration: The integration showcased a practical application of combining external digital platforms with existing public transportation systems, which would not be possible in old-fashioned card-based ticketing systems.  

Streamlined Experience for Event Attendees: The integration provided a simplified and hassle-free transportation experience for attendees. This collaborative initiative demonstrated adaptability and technical innovation and showcased the potential of integrated digital solutions in enhancing public transportation efficiency, especially during high-profile international events.

What We Achieved

Project In Numbers: With its solutions deployed on more than 650 buses, kentkart systems provided almost 1.000.000 rides during the tournament, 250.000 of which were made directly with Hayya Card.  

Collaborative Effort Across Sectors: A vital aspect of this project was the successful collaboration between different entities: the government (Hayya Card), the municipality (Mowasalat), and a private company (kentkart). This partnership is a prime example of how various sectors can work together to deliver exceptional public service.

Immediate Accessibility for Tourists: One of the standout features of this integration was its immediate impact on tourists. As soon as visitors landed in Doha, the Hayya Card allowed them instant access to public transportation. This convenience significantly enhanced the travel experience for international guests, providing a seamless transition from arrival in Qatar to participating in the event festivities.